You Got This! (USA, 20 mins.)

Directed by: Simo Manfredi

Written by: Sara Hills


Jani Wang, Sarah Agor, Xango Henrey, Dan Olsen, Judy Nazemetz, Lynda M. Berg, Rita Mizuno

LAUREN (Sarah Agor), a troubled teenage musician, is caught stealing money by her high school security guard, FITZ (Xango Henry). Knowing that the standard discipline tactics won’t work on Lauren, he decides a little running could do her some good, and takes her beloved guitar hostage. Lauren must meet Fitz at a local Park on Saturday morning if she wants it back.

Reluctantly Lauren shows up, and learns that she must run with the charity running team he coaches if she wants her guitar back... and not just today day, but for four more weeks! To make matters worse, Fitz pairs her up with an annoying little miss goody two-shoes, SUSIE (Jani Wang).

With only one thing in common - a strong dislike for one another - Lauren and Susie being their journey of training together. At first, it’s a nightmare... Susie runs rigorously, with a purpose and Lauren runs slow, struggling with each step. However, as time goes by they eventually learn how to meet in the middle, and the walls around both young women begin to crumble. When the going gets tough, and Lauren’s faced with a difficult task that will test her friendship with Susie, she digs deep to achieve what used to seem impossible.