You Bet (USA, 14 mins.)

Directed by: Sky Wang

Written by: Sky Wang


Charles Rasmussen, Christina Napolez, Robert Nunes, Anthony Vinci, Anup Varkgy, Bob McCarthy, David A. Novak, Jeff Ratkovich, Joette Waters, Joshua M. Reid, Killian Allgood, Kimberly Azana, Korsinda Cross, Louise Dana, Mark A. Child, Monica Carrow, Nicholas Wicht, Nick Bravo, Sam Valenti,
Thomas Lounsbury, Todd Garcia.

GEORGE SAMSON, a recent recipient of a winning lottery ticket, rides in an ambulance after taking a bullet to the chest. He struggles to stay awake while being treated by female paramedic, CHRISTINA, who he sees a connection that he rarely finds in anyone. The night leading up to his demise involves encounters with all of the important people in his life.

As George’s life flickers, detective JOHNSON attempts to figure out who the murderer is through the interrogation of suspects and the examination of events that took place on a dark night. Through the witnesses, George’s circle of friends, his girlfriend, and his aunt and uncle, the truth of the murder comes in a not so well wrapped package. The greed of those around George consumed him into this twisted, senseless murder. Detective Johnson discovers that George first met with his uncle, BOBBY SAMSON, to celebrate his winning lottery ticket, but his judging aunt forced him to leave. He then went to celebrate with his friends who found jealousy in his winnings rather than support. Just as George thought he'd finally sought comfort in the serious relationship with his girlfriend, SHANNON, he discovered her unfaithfulness, and is left completely alone. While George is at his lowest, Detective Johnson discovers the two masked men who threaten George at gun point are involved with Shannon after the night's events go awry.