World War (United Kingdom, 03:30)

Directed by: Libby Knowles

Written by: Akala

Cast: Sherine Chalhie, Chris Moses, Momin Swaitat , Sarah Boadi , Jelly Cleaver, Chloe Florence , Michael Sookham, Rosy May, Cesar Perugini

World’s War; written, performed and recorded by Akala and Directed by Libby Knowles, explores the ideas behind history and representation. The historical role of millions of colonial troops used in the bloodiest of conflicts lies buried as deeply as the motives of the war itself. A war over territorial control that has shaped the world in which we live today. History is written by the winners Sometimes though heroes are of another hue Are they remembered at all? By who? – Akala The First World War presented the global ruling powers of Europe and the USA with a serious dilemma. They had an unwritten consensus about the order of things, one that was rooted in the construct of race and notions of superiority of one ethnic grouping over another. The dismantling of these conventions could threaten their rule over lucrative colonial territories. But in 1914 they found themselves in bloody conflict over their slices of imperial cake, a conflict that, in order to win, each side needed the enlisted participation of their “inferior” subjects. World’s War is one of several films commissioned as part of the Cause and Effect series, part of the First World War centenary commemorations. Cause and Effect investigates the complex, fractured relationship between the First World War and young people in Britain. A collection of the UK’s most exciting artists commissioned by the Roundhouse and 14-18 NOW to confront the legacy of the First World War so we can understand what it means to us, today. Akala is a BAFTA and MOBO award-winning hip-hop artist, writer and social entrepreneur, as well as the co-founder of The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company. NATIVES, his recently published memoir, is already a Sunday Times best-seller. Libby Knowles is an award winning short filmmaker who collaborates with spoken word poets, artists and musicians. She has edited historical TV documentaries for Smithsonian, Discovery, ITV3 and SBTV, and produced video for nonprofit, arts and journalism organisations such as the Roundhouse, the Museum of London and the Centre for Investigative Journalism.