Windows, Windows (Poland, 1:02:00)

Directed by: Wojciech Solarz

Written by: Wojciech Solarz

Cast: Wojciech Solarz

Villages gripped by fear, families running for their lives, special ops assembled to fight the unstoppable force terrorising the countryside. And the villain- rebellious, ever evading wood grouse. It strikes from hiding and disappears never to be found. Amidst the horrors sits Wojtek in his post atop a hunting box trying to spot the bloodthirsty beast. One night he sees a blazing window in an empty expanse. But there is no house. And the window starts to sway. When he approaches it disappears. One night, to his surprise, in the wagging window he catches a glimpse of a girl. Poetic story set in the abstract background telling a universal tale of yearnings, hounding memories and quest for love.