Wild Woman (USA, 11 Min)

Directed by: Joy Shatz

Written by: Joy Shatz

Cast: Joy Shatz


Wild Woman by Joy Schatz

Wild Woman is a mockumentary in which all roles are played by Joy Shatz, who is also the writer, producer and director. This quirky comedy tells the story of a reporter on a quest to learn the truth about the Wild Woman. Does this forest lurking monster really exist?

We begin the journey by meeting three witnesses who are troubled by encounters with the Wild Woman. As we move to the site of their experiences, a small upstate New York town, we talk to several local people, ranging from a 'white trash and proud of it' mother, to a corrupt politician. Later we speak with some experts, a historian and a psychiatrist, to try get more insight. Though all are well intentioned, nobody is very helpful.

Not deterred, the reporter goes out into the woods to look for the Wild Woman and finds a seemingly harmless 'tree hugger.' Could this actually be the monster that everyone has been afraid of? The reporter comments that perhaps we've all just been taken in by mass hysteria.

However, when we next see the reporter, something is wrong. She nervously reveals that the forest dweller has vanished.

We then jump ahead one week, and we see a happy lady curiously looking into the camera lens. As she speaks to someone off screen, we learn that the camera was found abandoned in the woods. As she tries to figure out where it came from, we realize one thing for sure: Something really is out there.