Wet Behind The Ears (USA, 1hr 30min)

Directed by: Sloan Copeland

Written by: Sloan Copeland


Doug Roland, Jessica Piervicenti, Margaret Keane Williams, Rebecca Boughton


Written by Sloan Copeland with Maggie Williams, Wet Behind The Ears is a coming of age comedy that explores the uncertainty of post collegiate life. The story follows graduates Samantha (Maggie Williams) & Victoria (Jessica Piervincenti) as they navigate the dark world of corporate America and the demoralizing experience of job-hunting just out of college. For Samantha, it is not only a struggle to figure out exactly where her passion lies, but an uphill battle to make ends meet while desperately searching for a paycheck. By contrast Victoria learns what it takes to survive in a world of corporate competition, and with a freak show of a roommate from craigslist. Superimposed on a background of comedic characters and subtle commentary, more than anything else Wet Behind The Ears is an enlightening glimpse into the current struggles of many young Americans.

Inspired by the writer’s own difficulty with making a transition from dependence to the career world, the film highlights the challenging landscape of modern employment. Currently, over fifty percent of recent college graduates are unemployed, creating a whole generation of eager individuals with no chance of paying off their astronomical college loans. Providing a unique perspective on the hopelessness that encompasses young people in a country with an overall nine percent unemployment rate, Wet Behind The Ears explores not only the hard side of looking for financial security, but offers a hint of hope that it is our own ingenuity that can save us in the end. 

Though their film, Sloan Copeland and Maggie Williams hope not only to provide comedic relief for the many desperate young people yearning for opportunity, but also to inspire people to create opportunity in unexpected places. Wet Behind the Ears is their answer to a world where angry people occupy Wall Street, and a college degree no longer seems to be enough in the increasingly competitive corporate landscape. The film hopes not only to find hilarity in the frustration of unemployment, but emphasize that there is more than one way to make a living in this world. 

As the film progresses, Samantha is desperate for work and barely making ends meet with a part time job in a local ice cream shop, when an old flame from high school, Dean, offers a quick fix. Sam turns to the dark world of video pirating for a large & quick paycheck, and jeopardizes Vicky’s job in corporate PR to obtain a screener for a popular film. Fed up with her nymphomaniac roommate, Vicky agrees only to find out that the stress of a life of crime can damage a friendship. 

Wet Behind the Ears asks the question, is it better to seek out opportunity in a desperate economy, or make your own luck?