West End (USA, 87)

Directed by: Joe Basile

Written by: Joe Basile

Cast: Neal Bledsoe, Joe Nieves, Peter Onorati, Melissa Archer, Isabella Hofmann, Paul Calderon, Wayne Duvall, Lou Martini, Jr., Anthony Mangano, and Eric Roberts.

WEST END is HAMLET reimagined on the Jersey Shore.

Vic Trevi returns back to his home town after his father’s been murdered. Vic is an undercover FBI agent, home to find out who killed his father, positioned to betray the people he calls family. Vic needs to find out the truth about his family before his mobbed up family finds out about him.

Vic is caught in the struggle between doing what’s right or doing what’s best for family.

The clock ticks as Vic digs deeper, unearthing secrets about his father, mother, uncle, and friends that will change all their lives forever.