West Encounters East (USA, Brazil, Japan, 1hr)

Directed by: Stella Holmes

Written by: Linda J. Corley, Stella Holmes (Co-Writers)

The documentary film West Encounters East takes viewers on a fascinating journey into a little-known world of art: the world of Japanese Brazilian artists in São Paulo, home to the largest population of ethnic Japanese outside of Japan. The film explores the fusion of Asian and Latin American culture, history and tradition in the works of well-known Japanese Brazilian artists, including Tomie Ohtake, Manabu Mabe, Yutaka Toyota, Flavio-Shiró, Takashi Fukushima, Kazuo Okubo, Catarina Gushiken, and many others. The story of these artists, told primarily through their canvases, sculptures, ceramics and photography, brings to light the dynamic and largely untold saga of the Japanese presence in Brazil.


The concept was developed by art historian and filmmaker Stella M. Holmes, who was inspired by the works of these multicultural artists to embark upon a personal journey of discovery.