We Choose To Go (United Kingdom, 14:45)

Directed by: Marlene Emilia Rios

Written by: Marlene Emilia Rios

Cast: Sarah Flower, Carl Briedis , Jamie Forrest, Aroonsri Khamsamran, Marlene Emilia Rios, Mission Control

When Angie Miranda first awakens onboard the Horizon, she notices something seems a bit…off. After taking her first initial steps outside her cryosleep pod, she discovers her crew mates have died in their sleep, and all the food onboard the ship is beyond expired. As she explores, she discovers that the ship has undergone a fatal mission error and they’ve not only overshot their mission to Pluto—but they’ve endured 60 years of directionless drift. As Angie tries to overcome the fatal scenario she’s found herself in, she reflects back on the life she gave up on Earth in pursuit of this mission.