WARSAW JANUARY 2011 (Canada, New Zealand, 10)

Directed by: Miriam Harris

Written by: Miriam Harris, Juliet Palmer

"Warsaw January 2011" explores issues of temporal and geographical dislocation simultaneity experienced three years ago when Harris visited a wintry Warsaw the childhood home of her Polish Jewish mother. In this age of the Internet and global shrinkage she found that Warsaw’s multiple layers of history were intermingled with emailed narratives from an Auckland summer stories relayed by her mother via Skype and international pop cultural references that ranged from Angelina Jolie to Calvin Klein. In the evocation of the past and present and the real and imagined live footage filmed in both Warsaw and Auckland co-exists with drawing collage old photographs and puppets that has recourse to a rich East European tradition of modernist graphics and animation. The approach to sound is similarly textured incorporating recordings made on location twenty-first century experimental compositions the human voice pre-war poetry by the Polish Jewish writer Julian Tuwim and excerpts from the nineteenth century work of Warsaw composer Frédéric Chopin.