War is a Bitch (USA, 22 min)

Directed by: Ronald Armstrong

Written by: Ronald Armstrong


Candace Janee

In New America, the population of genetically engineered clones has exploded. Tensions run high as hate crimes escalate and strict segregation laws against this new group are imposed. In an effort to restore equal rights for the clones, Father, a geneticist and clone creator, declares war against the US government. In the midst of the civil war, President Hayden issues Executive Order 507A, drafting all capable humans into military service. In spite of this, the clones gain ground and the government must conceive a new plan; this time to assassinate Father, which if successful, will put an end to the war once and for all. Hope, member of Alpha Team, is given this vital mission. As the team makes its way into Old America, Hope's own identity comes into question and she is faced with the knowledge that she may be fighting against the very thing she is. What happens next challenges Hope to come to terms with who she may be and forces her team members to reconsider their long held prejudices.