Walls (USA | 2016, 6 min)

Directed by: Min Reid

Cast: Lead Singer / Song Writer: JR Richards Producer: Min Reid Director of Photography: Marco Schott Music: JR Richards Warehouse Production Manager: Joni DeLuccio Warehouse Production Assistant: Heather Noel Aldridge

Inspired by the loss of his father, JR Richards (original frontman Singer / Songwriter for the #1 American Alternative Rock band ‘Dishwalla’) wrote WALLS drawing from life’s lessons and memories of conversations with his dad. Director Min Reid saw the music video evolve from inner turmoil and frustration to a lighter place of being, but kept the film edgy and pensive throughout. Min recognized the huge talent of young aspiring German Director of Photography, Marco Schott, whom did an outstanding job of capturing the feel and creating an emotive dark edge.

Real 8mm family footage of JR Richards’ parents wedding (and even JR as a child) was edited into the film to pull together the poignant lyrics visually and incorporate the influence of his father.

In keeping with the feeling of the writer being pensive with a continuum of him evaluating his life, the ending is not a ‘natural high’, but more of a continuation of introspective musing of life... to be interpreted by the viewer.

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