Waiting List (United States | 2016, 12 min)

Directed by: Yuanchen Liu, Steve McCann

Waiting List is a story we felt needed to be told. With over 120,000 Americans waiting for an organ transplant, and less than half of Americans registered as donors, we wanted to show what it is like waiting for a life-saving transplant. We tell this story through our main character, Tim McCabe, who has been on dialysis for many years as he waits for a kidney. His dream is simple, to see his children grow up, but he is afraid he might not live long enough to do so. We sink into the agony of the wait, and learn how he cherishes the little moments with his family, holds onto the optimism of his wife, and tries to cope with having his own life out of his hands. Our film has been released as an editor’s pick for The Atlantic, and we would love to have it continue to reach a larger audience, and to raise conversation and concern about the important issue of organ donation. Since both our production team and our characters are based in New York, if selected for the festival, we would all love to attend the screening. We hope you find the film both sensitive and compelling and a good fit for your festival. Most of all, we hope you enjoy watching!