Waiting For Godot (United States, 5min)

Directed by: Caitlin Pashalek

Written by: Caitlin Pashalek


Janina Gavankar, Cory Enemy

A clean glossy modern white rectangular 'bench' sits in an infinite white space the found is covered with a layer of white powder, not snow, more like the dust of a thousand years; it is sadness and time. There are two women (both of whom are Janina). One sits ladylike on the bench as if waiting for a bus. The other woman is her inverse

Tension builds in their agonizing waiting. With one look they both rise and exit frame in opposite directions.
They continue to walk on the infinite whiteness each in their own direction, seemingly getting farther and farther apart, seemingly lost in the vast plane.
Suddenly, they are back where they start.
Realizing they are in an infinite loop, one loses her mind. In her full on temper tantrum, she kicks the bench they've been sitting on, with every bit of energy in her.
It breaks, and reveals a possible way out.
Testing the depth with a shoe, they follow, letting themselves go in a long, seemingly endless free fall.
They both hit the ground hard, and realize, just as before, they are in an infinite loops.
They sit, and wait. Forever changed.