Waiting (United States | 2015, 77 min)

Directed by: Cristian Piazza

Cast: Floriano Pagliara, Paolo Buffagni, Paolo Inferrera Voice Over by John Turturro

Three Italian Immigrants aim for a second chance in life in New York City. Floriano Pagliara is a Professional Boxer looking for self-validation. After a humiliating defeat back in Italy, he needs to regain confidence. His career is his Identity. He finds a new trainer and a shot at a World Title against an American Champion. What will do it for him? Going the distance or winning the title? Paolo Buffagni is a former Actor without any musical instruction; He reinvents himself as an Opera Singer at 30 after moving to New York. With little support for its new venture, he is constantly hesitant about his real potential and talent. His first major role is in Verdi’s Traviata. He’s looking for the recognition he couldn’t get back home. Paolo Inferrera ultimately wants to open a restaurant in New York. That’s one thing he happened to do well since moving. His former family lifestyle and his entitled way of living fell apart with his parent’s divorce. He is an aspiring entrepreneur that falls short and becomes a slacker hitting rock bottom. He tries to redeem himself in order to find his true Identity. In the meantime, they work their way up at restaurants, like thousands of others newcomers. WAITING is a Documentary about a longing for validation as a modern settler.