Vivir de Pie (Living on Your Feet) (Spain, 2 hr 4 mins)

Directed by: Valenti Figueres Jorge Figueres

Written by: Helena Sanchez


Andres Jerez (voice), Luis Marco, Monica Lopez, Valenti Figueres Jorge Figueres

"LIVING ON YOUR FEET" tells the story of the odyssey of a scavenger and a poacher turned bricklayer, a UGT activist turned revolutionary and man of action in the CNT (National Confederation of Labour). It is the life of a bricklayer who commanded the 4th army corps during the Spanish Civil War and who defeated Mussolini's generals; a general who took up the trowel again after the war, but who remained firm in his objective: to kill Franco. It is also the untold story of a waiter, a tailor, a railway worker... who in their double lives were: "El Viejo" (the Old Man), "La Leona" (The Lioness), "El Fraile" (The Monk)...; it is about the lives of all those who hoisted the flag of Liberty and who dared to dream of a "New World".