Vin Emotion (France, 5 min)

Directed by: Mathilde De L'Ecotais

I would say that the density and body of a wine come to life at the heart of the vineyard. Grapes are multifaceted, their oval aspect, their veined flesh and the complexity of the liquid they release denote essential notions. Grapes are the core of my work. Wine symbolism is ancestral. The Sumerian goddess Gestin associates the wine to the mother, source of life. Taste perceptions, flavours are tubular, between the sky and the earth. The Tree of Life and the vineyard are therefore closely linked. From Dionysus to Bacchus, from Noah to Christ, all the symbols are already there: fertility, death and between these two: pleasure, truth, philosophy, insanity. These principles are found in the image and function of the wine in our society. It is at the same time a source of pleasure and conviviality. It suggests the richness of Nature and triggers in each of us amazingly special ramblings.