Vermont Fancy (United States, 47 min)

Directed by: Kathleen Dougherty Huxley

'Vermont Fancy' is the story of Doug Densmore, a subsistence farmer in bucolic Chelsea, Vermont, a town in the foothills of the Green Mountains. Doug grew up next door to his grandparents farm, and bought their farm when they died. As a young man, he worked alongside his grandfather Sabin, learning everything he had to teach about farming his small hilltop. Moving through the four seasons on his farm, Doug - a charming often hilarious raconteur and natural philosopher - shares his concerns and dilemmas as he makes maple syrup, cuts his wood, operates his small sawmill, raises cattle and pigs, puts up hay and grows his vegetable garden. Throughout he radiates the joy of this life even as it is constantly under threat. Now in his mid fifties, Doug knows that he may not be able to sustain this life he loves for much longer. Living alone - his grown daughter is married with a family of her own and living some distance away - Doug struggles with the consequences of the decisions he's made, and and worries about what will become of his farm in the future. For him, the question is existential. Having chosen to follow his passion in his youth, what to do now that the harsh reality of the present portends the end of a beloved way of life?