Directed by: Min Reid

Written by: Stacey Fergusson

The lyrics of 'Silver Girl' were written by co-founder of the band 'Vanaka', Stacey Fergusson, when she was inspired by the courage and strength of her close friend after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
Director Min Reid conceptualized the story, taking the viewer on a journey starting with the simplicity of a match strike through to a tremendously uplifting ending. Breathtaking aerial footage of 'Old Man of Storr', Eilean Donan Castle and other majestic Highland beauty adds to the depth of this film.
The band Vanaka, is based in Southern California and was founded by Don and Stacey Fergusson, along with Jon Payne. The featured lead singer, Oriana Sanders, is herself is a Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer Survivor, giving the song heartfelt meaning.
Silver Girl is an uplighting music video with stunning depth which is personified with the child bringing in the color to the screen and life... Vanaka released their first album as an independent artist, called 'Gratitude' in 2014. The album was produced and many of the songs co- written by award winning producer, platinum selling artist J.R. Richards. Silver Girl is a true tribute to all those who's lives have been touched by cancer, one way or another.