UnSlut: A Documentary Film (United States | 2015, 38 min)

Directed by: Emily Lindin

UnSlut: A Documentary Film features conversations with those who have experienced sexual shaming, including the family and friends of Rehtaeh Parsons, a Canadian teenager whose story made headlines when she took her own life after being gang-raped and subsequently labeled a 'slut' by her classmates. We also spoke with Samantha Gailey Geimer, who was publicly shamed by the media after being sexually assaulted by director Roman Polanski at the age of thirteen in 1977; Gina Tron, who was shamed by defense attorneys out of pursuing charges against a serial rapist in Brooklyn, New York; N'Jaila Rhee, who coped with her sexual assault and the subsequent loss of support from her family and church by reclaiming her sexuality; and Allyson Pereira, who was ostracized in her New Jersey town after texting a photo of her breasts to an ex-boyfriend. 

Through interviews with sexuality experts, advocates, and media figures, UnSlut: A Documentary Film explores the manifestations and often devastating results of sexual shaming in North America and offers immediate and long-term goals for personal, local, and institutional solutions.