Unforgettable Fire (USA, 57 minutes)

Directed by: Michelle Regina Iacobelli


Anthony Russo

The life of a cover band has a world of idiosyncrasies to explore. Unlike the band they are portraying, most cover bands cannot live solely off the money they make from playing their music. The members of the band each have a day job to pay the bills but must be committed to rehearse, manage, play, and keep up their looks like their rock star counterparts. This film will explore how one band morphs daily from commuter, worker, average Joe to Rock Star doppelganger. It will also delve into the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives while living in the shadows of one of the most established and popular bands in history: U2.

Unforgettable Fire will depict the role reversal transformation of the band as a whole as well as the individuals from their day life to their Rock Star personas. This film will also examine the motivation of talented band members to pursue the path of imitation of an already established band rather than create their own music personality.

Unforgettable Fire's members not only sound like the U2 member they are portraying they also look like their U2 counterparts: George (Larry); Tony (Bono); Craig (Adam); Mick (Edge). This film will examine what physical features and mannerisms the band has changed in order to adopt U2's trademark look. This trademark look is most apparent with Unforgettable Fire's Lead Singer Tony, also known as TONO. He has styled, dyed, and grown his hair out to give his audience an authentic U2 experience.

I have seen numerous cover bands, some good, some bad, but none of them come close to the authenticity you feel when you watch an Unforgettable Fire performance. The professional sound, the wardrobe, the lighting, the groupies and the energy that fills the air mimic that of a live U2 concert.

When the credits roll I hope the devotion and personal accomplishment of this band will resonate with the audience. However, my objective is for the audience to relate their own desires to that of Unforgettable Fire's. We all have dreams and high hopes that we don't know how to accomplish. But what is the true motivation behind these goals? If it is simply to be a rock star and stand in front of an audience who loves your music, then what is the difference in the destination between band and cover band?