Directed by: Karin Venegas

Four rape survivors and two pioneering feminists share their stories of trauma, resilience, and activism. A deeply personal documentary, UNAFRAID explores the impact of rape and the capacity of ordinary individuals to effect change. Marcia-Elizabeth. Karen. Sarah Jane. Dave. From South Africa to small-town Nebraska, these diverse four, like too many others, share the singular experience of rape. Their stories converge in Manhattan at the Crime Victims Treatment Center where they now receive counseling. UNAFRAID provides an intimate exploration of rape trauma and the obstacles victims face to recovery. But above all it is a hopeful film, celebrating the resilience of the human spirit. Interwoven with the survivors’ stories is a historic look back at the rape crisis center's founding by two pioneering women at the height of 1970s feminism. In her directorial debut, Karin Venegas turns the camera on her own mother and her mother’s best friend, highlighting the work of two unsung heroes in the movement for victims’ rights. Together, UNAFRAID’s collage of voices aims to lift the stigma that traps victims in silence – and to remind its audience that social change is indeed possible.