Twist & Blood (Poland, 30min)

Directed by: Kuba Czekaj

Written by: Kuba Czekaj


Adam Florczyk, Arkadiusz Janiczek, Emilia Stachurska, Henryk Niebudek, James Fordham, Leszek Malec, Maciej Plenia, Maria Maj, Monika Kwiatkowska-Dejczer, Patryk Wrona, Robert Grabowski, Wojciech Urbaniak, Zbigniew Paterak


Eleven years old so called Bellyboy is the laughing stock among his peers. The parents want  to change him or rather slim him down at any cost. However, Bellyboy's got  his own way for reliving of  negative emotions  but, it’s a secret. With time  he’ll give it away to his friend, whom he fancies...

Twist & Blood is a story about how hard is to open up in front of another person, how little is necessary to lose confidence for it. A tale of first fascination and disappointment.