Twiharder (USA, 81 minutes)

Directed by: Giorgio Caridi

Written by: Christopher Sean Friel, John Gearries


Aaron Misakian, Alejandra Gomez, Alexandria Lowe, Alferdo Madura, Allison Jo Carlson, Amanda Calvillo, Anna Wilensky, Atheanna Ritchie, Athena Stamikinley, Barbara Brogi, Brian Ventura, Brie Bernstein, Brooke Pearl, Chris Avila, Chris Ventura, Christina Ebert, Christopher Sean Friel, Clint Keepin, Coleen Bosler, Denise Molina, Doan Nguyen, Edgar Aguirre, Emily Sarah , Gino Giambanco, Giorgio Caridi, Gordon Vasquez, Gregory Mantell, Jabari Patterson, Jabin Bravo, Jalisco Wayne, Jennifer Bravo, Jocelyn Aguirre, John Gearries, Jordan Van Vruken, Joseph Getright, Josh Cruze, Kaitlyn Le, Katherine Kate, Kevan Hill, Kym Jackson, Laura Niles, Lawonna Rashad, Liz Locke, Markell Fitzgerald, Melody Friel, Michael Adrian, Natsuko Sakurai, Nay nay Kirby, Nolborto Aguirre, Patrick Friel, Patrick Soria, Raya Reaves, Richie Million, Riley Jo Downing, Rozie Bala, Samantha Nguyen, Sammy Jack, Scott Roughgarden, Scott Ganyo, Selena Gomez, Serena Vo, Stephanie Beltran, Tanya Zoeller, Tara Hunnewell, Tatiana Corso, Tracy Perez, Vanessa Salgado, Veronica Garcia

The Best spoof of Twilight ever! Twiharder follows the love story of the 100+ year old vampire Bedford Mullen falling for a high school human girl. Knowing heart break is imminent with another human, Stella Pond. Bedford Mullen must handle this truth as well as the feelings that dwell deep within. Bedford Mullen decides that he will do what is best for his love and he chooses to allow her to live a 'normal' life. Stella heart broken turns to a friend for a shoulder, although she finds herself in the arms of the most diabolical shirtless arch enemy of the vampire clan, JB Lycan. This puberty stricken teen is struck by cupids arrow and falls hard for Stella as well and does what he can to court her. Stella tries to fill that hole in her heart with the shirtless JB Lycan although the connection isn't there. Stella after her epiphany realizes she has to get to her love Bedford before something horrible happens to him. Now Bedford heartbroken decides to do the most drastic of feats... to commit vampire suicide. Stella races to get to Bedford through the, 'boot campy obstacles' and saves her love. They are reconnected and are happy, but not the vampire council. Bedford must pay for revealing the truth of the vampire world. He must face the oldest of all vampires in a duel. The battle for Stella isn't over in JB's eyes either! What will happen to the new age Romeo and Juliet!!!?