Turtle Hill, Brooklyn (U S A, 1:20:00)

Directed by: Ryan Gielen

Written by: Brian Seibert, Ricardo Valdez


Brian Seibert, Ricardo Valdez

At the end of the summer a couple, Will and Mateo, wakes up to celebrate Will’s 30th birthday with all their friends in their home in Turtle Hill, Brooklyn. The arrival of Will’s ultraconservative sister, her husband and 3-year-old daughter (who don't know Will is gay), gets things off to a rocky start. However, the party kicks into action as the friends pour in, get a nice buzz on, jump into the (kiddie) pool, break the pinata and argue about politics, relationships, sex and religion. The arrival of another surprise guest tests Will and Mateo’s relationship and when the bottles are empty and the guests are gone, the couple will face the reality of who they are individuals and where they stand as a couple.