Tupianas (Brazil | 2016, 6 min)

Directed by: Marcos Bonisson, Khalil Charif

This moving image work is an assembly of Super 8 footage filmed in many different places in Brazil during the 70’s. It’s a reflection about the idea of Tupi, the great native nation of inhabitants who lived in this vast solar territory, before the white men arrived – the Tupis-Guaranis called it Pindorama (land of the palm trees). The film work elaborates a non-linear narrative with a collage of “antropofagic images”, presenting the body and space as topology of desires, dreams and a convulsive social device of changes – “Tupi or not to Be“ (José Celso Martinez / Oswald de Andrade), experimenting the choice in life, and language of the essential, instead of the accessory.