Tupamaro (United States | 2016, 1 hr)

Directed by: Martin Markovits

There is a place in the slums of Caracas, Venezuela where the police won't go. In 23 de Enero an armed leftist force protects the people with their own brand of revolutionary justice. In a city that has been called the murder capital of the world, the Tupamaros have been hailed by some as modern-day Robin Hoods, and by others as violent thugs who rule the shanty towns with an eye for eye mentality and no regard for the law. With unprecedented access to these controversial vigilantes, director Martin Markovits chronicles seven turbulent years in the life of Alberto 'Chino' Carias, a former guerrilla fighter and Tupamaro leader, who rose to prominence after Hugo Chavez became president of Venezuela. Once accused of robbing banks and killing cops, Chino sheds his outlaw reputation and embraces Chavez's socialist revolution that promised to empower the country's poor. But despite the Tupamaros' efforts to combat crime, violence spirals in Venezuela. Bloodshed threatens the lives of all Tupamaros and risks unraveling the very revolution they dedicated their lives to.