Trespasses (USA, 12min)

Directed by: Vanita Shastry

Written by: Vanita Shastry


Gregory Linington, Joey Honsa, Laura Campbell, Maury Miller, Neil MacFarlane, Patrick Quinlan, Shadae Lamar Smith, Tara Sands, Tim McManus

Wrongfully accused of informing on the Irish Republican Army, Sean lives in hiding, fearful of being caught and tortured by his former comrades. When the love of his life and fellow IRA member Theresa finds him, they have a blissful reunion, only to be shattered by Seanʼs confession to Theresa – that he had actually talked to the Police, multiple times, to thwart future attacks. Although completely shocked by his betrayal, Theresa swears to Sean that she will never reveal his secret; she loves him more than anything. However, Sean grows uneasy and suspicious of Theresa, her motives, and where her loyalty lies. Intense paranoia overpowers him, and in a moment of fear and confusion, he shoots his beloved Theresa.