Transgender Tuesdays (USA, 1 hr 2 min)

Directed by: Mark Freeman


Veronica Klaus


At age 13 Lisa left her Ozark mountain home (where if you didn't hunt, fish or trap, you didn't eat), went alone to the city and spent 30 years working the streets. Dustin got jobs working security in the inner sanctums of Vegas casinos, where he couldn't have been hired as a female. Kelly got fired when she became the first airline attendant to transition, on the job.

Marilyn recounts a series of misfortunes that would daunt even Lemony Snicket, after being abandoned at birth in a hotel room. Claudia found asylum after escaping torture and group rape in Mexico to come to this country.

These are some of the people encountered in this groundbreaking documentary.

In the 'bad old days' most of these folks mistrusted the health-care system and were used to facing life-and-death situations without any help. Hormones were from medical 'quacks' or off the black market, of unknown strength. But in 1993 a team of HIV providers at a San Francisco public health center, along with trans community activists of every ethnicity, broke the mold. Over 1500 came for the hormones and stayed for the health-care. 

The warm narratives of these pioneering patients provide the film's beating heart, while revealing some harrowing places they have been. Yet by film's end their stories provide a sense of victory and hope for future generations, proving that this can and should be the standard across the continent.