Trailer Park Jesus (USA, 1hr. 19min.)

Directed by: Sean Gerowin

Written by: Sean Gerowin


Brent Henry, Danie Coleman, Garret Smith, Shanna Forrestall, Burton Tedesco, Casey McMurray, Chantal Koerner, Greg Swanson, Holly Ladnier, Jeremy Frey,  Kara Mann,  Kim Collins, Mandi Turner, Mike Dardant, Nikki May, Patrick Mizell, Rebecca Hollingsworth, Reginald Mack, Robert Douthat, Stephan Bernick, Thomas Kennedy, Tracey Davenport, Zac Cino

Jesse deals with a bad breakup by purchasing a sheet of acid, to share with his friends back in Missouri, hoping to erase a bad memory. While detouring onto Route 61, for a break from routine, he breaks down at a forgotten trailer park in Cleveland, Mississippi. Thinking he’s about to be murdered by bikers, behind the “old school house”, Jesse plies friendly trailer park residents with hits of L.S.D. for safe passage back home. During the ebb and flow of the day, Jesse experiences the extraordinary in the pedestrian, whilst resurrecting the lives of many. Based on a true misadventure.