Towers (USA, 1hr 11min)

Directed by: Jet Wintzer

Written by: Carlos Garcia De Dios, Dave Sable, Jet Wintzer


Angela Washell, Jet Wintzer, Lauren Ashleigh



TOWERS is a post apocalyptic indie-rock fantasy. Radiation from Cell phones and towers have caused the flow of serotonin and dopamine to stop permanently. This announcement triggers a complete collapse of society, and a tsunami of violence and suicide after FEMA announces the condition is permanent and will affect every person on Earth. 

Two years after the fatal prognosis, the world is virtually extinct. 

Jane survived in a bunker under her Amish farm. Recalling the glory of her wild days set free during the sect's coming of age rumspringa ritual, she transforms into a glorious indie hipster cruising the highways and back roads of America searching for life and pills. Her chariot is a beat up convertible outfitted with a mobile ham radio.

The only voice is DJ Spectacle. Somewhere on the East Coast, he spins indie rock whilst waxing philosophical upon the state of non-humanity and the conditions which led to the end.

Petal survived in the deep woods of Oregon, where her folks lived as survivalist hippie pot farmers. Petal is not well. Each day she puts a gun to her head. When she is about to pull the trigger, Jane's voice suddenly comes through on the CB. 

They form an instant bond. When Petal is convinced to let go of fear, they set out for a party thrown by DJ Spectacle for whoever may still be alive.