Directed by: Gian Franco Morini

Written by: Gian Franco Morini, Jesse McDowell

Cast: Cornel West (The Matrix Reloaded, 30 Rock), Jack Moore, Josh Gondelman, Burton Crane (Miller's Crossing), David Sidorsky, Cristopher Olivier, Patricia Maldonado, Bob Rose, George Yeromonakos, Michael Valmas, Ramon Berenguer, Mrs. Elfie, Shon Richards, Michael Zoulis ,Ron Long

Tom's Restaurant in New York City: Seinfeld, Suzanne Vega, NASA, Columbia University and much more... This feature length documentary highlights past and present owners, clientèle and pop culture references, breaking the fictional facade and showcasing the real people behind this true NYC Landmark. New York has many hidden treasures. This documentary is dedicated to bring you some of them. Frequented by artists, musicians, comedians, students and faculty of nearby Columbia University, it has been owned and operated by the Greek-American family of Minas Zoulis since the 1940s. Tom's Restaurant was the locale that inspired Suzanne Vega's 1987 song "Tom's Diner". Later, its exterior became famous worldwide thanks to the popular sitcom Seinfeld, since Jerry Seinfeld's eponymous character and his friends regularly gathered to eat and chat at the diner, de facto placing Tom's Restaurant in living rooms all over the world and in the hearts of million of people, who maybe never even crossed its doors. Until today.