Thin Walls (United States, 4 min 40 sec)

Directed by: Susan McCormick

Written by: Susan McCormick

Cast: Ana Bernot-Reilly; Imani Cargill; Kinsey Kunkel; Hannah Sharp

A girl attempts to commit suicide in a bathroom stall. A suicide attempt is interrupted.


'A conversation that contemplates issues such as body image, self-esteem, and the demands for acceptance in school settings as understood by three schoolgirls of different walks of life.'

Three teenage girls barge into the school bathroom to have a conversation before class and unknowingly interrupt a fellow schoolgirl’s suicide attempt. Through careful direction, Susan McCormick shows the audience a raw and uncensored conversation between three girls who unknowingly reflect issues with peer pressure and neutrality in the face of bullying. Topics such as gun violence and suicide are casually weaved into the dialogue as each girl approaches the topics through different points of view. The characters’ discuss what it means to be a “pretty” and accepted person to them in an
innocent yet thought provoking manner.

McCormick’s excellent camera work subtly lets us in on the action of the film.A lot of the story is revealed through the character’s physical actions. Combined with close up camera shots between the characters, McCormick creates an intimate and compact world where the meaning of every word said is increased tenfold, with an important, thought provoking twist at the end.