There is a Fire/Shylock Sings the Blues (United States, 3 minutes)

Directed by: David Sokol

Written by: David Sokol

'There is a Fire' uses music and hand drawn animated art as well as computer technique to move the audience into experiencing the urgency of the human experience of passion. The story is based on Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice Yet it is set in 1950s New Jersey. The Video starts with images and title of 'The Players' No shortage of thugs, mobsters in fedora and babes with big hair. Fire rips through the imagery multiple times as we see the story unfold including nefarious characters,cops getting bumped off, electric love etc. We see the electric passion between Portia and Bassanio. We See Shylock holding his knife. We see sides of beef swinging along with Antonio on a chain in a warehouse that looks like an ancient cavernous jail. Those who know Shakespeare's work will recognize names and particular images from the tale. If one does not know the story of 'Merchant' they will still be swept along with the music, imagery and its fast past narrative. There is a lot packed into three minutes and various levels to take the experience. Some may see it as a linear story, others captured by beguiling imagery. The idea is that the viewer becomes breathless and wants to see it again and again .