The Undertaker (Philipines , 1 hr 21 min)

Subtitles: English

Directed by: Andrea Capranico

Cast: Produced by: Bianca Balbuena


The Undertaker by Andrea Capranico

Ivan and his fellow Tanods (law enforcers, watchmen) are tasked to bust prostitutes, drug dealers, and murderers in one of Manila's darkest cemetery, at night. Here, hundreds of squatters and illegal settlers live in improvised shacks on top of the tombs. Life is hard for both watchmen and illegal settlers but Ivan, a young culinary arts school dropout coming from a wealthy family of accountants, has a completely different struggle: to find a real place in the world, either as a chef or as a watchman, committed to save his neighborhood and his friends. Regardless the dangers, the murders, ghost stories and nightmares haunting their nights, Ivan and his fellow vigilantes have strong feelings for the cemetery: from fear and repulsion to love and fascination. But when a political turnover forces them to leave their uniforms, the watchmen are at risk to cross the thin line between 'being the law' and 'being against it', and Ivan will be the only one to help them.