The Trivialist (Australia | 2015, 71 min)

Directed by: Ronen Becker

By age 32, Neven Solian was a university drop-out – a taxi driver and social misfit living with his
parents; a prodigious intellect with absolutely nothing to show for it.
He couldn’t make friends, he couldn’t meet girls, and he couldn’t win his father’s approval. Trivia,
though, came naturally to him.
Neven’s brain was a marvel, a limitless repository of names, dates and figures. His remarkable gift
offered him a path to (modest) fortune and fame – or at least notoriety.
But while he hoped that his gift would bring him the sort of validation that he craved, the obsessive
streak that made him a quiz champion drove him even further into isolation. As the applause died
away, Neven fell into increasingly bizarre patterns of behaviour; into despair; and to the point of