The Travellers' Hymn (Italy, 00:04:26)

Directed by: Sara Garagnani

Written by: Sara Garagnani

Cast: Sara Garagnani

The track 'The travelers' Hymn' is part of the album called 'A Few Grams of Gravity'.
It has been dedicated by the music band La Metralli to all those who look for a few grams of their gravity, no worry about the wind blowing and how it can sometimes hurt to find each own weight. The force of gravity we are talking about deals with the ability to fall into things with their specific singular, subjective weight when everything around becomes light, too light, flimsy.
The elements that run through this track -which is the manifesto of the entire album- are the wind and the coordinates of time, a time which is not logical and consequential: it is circular. It reminds of a day spent from dawn to dusk, through noon, as if it was a book flowing from beginning to its end, as if it was a whole life.
The animated video tries to further expand and 'explode' the contents of the track in a visionary yet emotional way: importance is given to the lyrics, characterized in a search of images on the edge of their logical sense, to open up more fronts analog and irrational. The use of words in the context of the sentence is sometimes deliberately forced, pushed to the limit, so that to rebuild a sense that belongs more to a vision or a state of mind than to a concept. The result is a surreal and dreamlike sequence which grows together with the music. There is in an attempt to push forward the epic yet intimate nature of the track -and of its intentions- to a reality which actually enters the video.
The graphic sign is essential and the drawings are simple, as long as the movements (motion graphics) are minimalist and soft. They all play like visionary fragments which starts from the music and the lyrics and leave in order to find their own life, and then they gravitate and then again they fall in a senseless, colored empty space in an open attempt to really find its own gravity.