The Tomb (Mexico | 2015, 27 min )

Directed by: Maru Moron Iglesias

Ricardo and Luis have been imprisoned for several months now inside “La Tumba”, 5 floors of underground jail, where they receive “white torture”. When a new kid arrives to the 2x3meters cells their daily routine changes. They explain to “the new guy” that he will not see the sunlight for days, that the only way of knowing the exact time is when the subway, running just above them, stops at 11pm. He must be careful of every word he says, because everything is heard. The days go by inside these freezing cold cells and the only way of communicating with each other is to shout out from cell to cell, because they are isolated from one another.

The torture becomes unbearable. The only way of getting out is to confess to crimes they did not commit or to incriminate someone else. The only thing holding them together is a song by a Venezuelan band, that they sing along from cell to cell. This song is a constant reminder that the reason they’re in jail is bigger than themselves and that maybe one day justice will be served.