The Third Sister (USA, 15)

Directed by: Augusto Giachino

Written by: Augusto Giachino

Cast: Augusto Giachino, Hope Davis, Janthan Nosan, Kelly Bartnik, Melanie Gaydos

A contemporary interpretation of the mythical Hecate, the three-bodied goddess that governs human fate, using modern dance choreographed expressly for film. This short is centered on the evocative power of ancient archetypes, their continued relevance in examining our modern lives, and the role they play in addressing human desires and fears.

“The Third Sister” is also an elaboration on the art of silent film. The non-dialogue form is used purposefully to establish a contemplative mood, with the support of an award-nominated modern industrial score written by the director. Conceived as work where the director is immediately responsible for the creation and design of all major aspects of production, “The Third Sister” is an attempt to communicate a very personal vision.

Accompanied by an original score composed by the director; shot at 4K resolution.

Winner of Best Experimental Short at the Los Angeles Film and Script Festival, and Best Editor and Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles New Wave Film Festival. Nominated for the London Independent Film Festival, the Brooklyn Film Festival, and the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. Director/composer Augusto Giachino's music has been nominated Best Score in Film at the Madrid International Film Festival.