The Suitcase (Australia, 11 minutes)

Directed by: Natassha Amalia

Written by: Steven Tandy


Alexander Moller, Amy Price, Ben Howell, Daniel O'kane, Erwann LeGal, Gaynor Harris, James Ness, Jamie Tax, Joanne Booth, Justin Johnstone, Maddison Sullivan, Mark Gambino, Matthew Naqvi, Merril Hogan, Miro Okuniwicz, Shane Mosely, Tom Hayes, Troy Wheeler

The Suitcase' tells the journey of a suitcase as it ventures in an out of its various owners lives. It is was made by Mr and Mrs silvers in the 70s before being brought by businessman Abe Kelly. After ending his life, Abe leaves the case to his son, Joey. Joey uses it to sell drugs before turning his life around and abandoning the case, which gets washed ashore for fisherman Hunter Stewart. After the case again gets its owner in a spot of trouble and is abandoned, a retired Mrs. Burchill takes in the case as a bed for her beloved cat. It is then taken by antique salesman, and Mrs. Burchill's son, Harley. The suitcase was much loved by Harley and his young friend, Holly, whom he gives the case to on her departure to her new home. Finally, the case end up tattered and unloved in an op-shop, before being purchased and loved by a now retired Mr and Mrs Silvers.