The Soul of Vinyl; Abbey Road Side 2 (United States | 2015, 7 min)

Directed by: Jim Lively

Vinyl aficionados have long championed the warmth of vinyl over digital. According to sound experts, vinyl spins very closely to the way that human beings hear music organically. It is a sound that flatters the fuzzy guitars of rock ‘n’ roll. Could this warmth be the soul of the album? The soul has often been regarded as a different entity separate from the body, the spiritual part distinct from the physical part. This experimental short film explores the premise that an original vinyl album does indeed possess a soul. Submitted for consideration is the Beatles’ album “Abbey Road; Side 2.” which is arguably the most critically acclaimed side 2. in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. The soul of an album must be inspired by what the needle on the vinyl creates as it gently glides around the spiraling grooves of the disk, picking up the vibrations which are ultimately turned back into sound. Acting both spiritually independent but nonetheless in sync with the physicality of the music, it is as if the soul is also performing to its own music. Does an original vinyl album have a soul? You be the judge.