Directed by: John Accardi

Written by: John Accardi

Cast: Alessandra Adina, Braulio Lin, Jin Kim, Lanna Wang, Mason Carter, Philip Chang, Stan Vidal, Vincent Veloso, Ying Ying Li, Youngen Chang

The Soft Shell Crab and the Metal Claw follows Wei Tang, a Chinese woman in her mid twenties, who finds herself enslaved by the bonds of marriage to an abusive husband, the owner of a fish market in New York City's Chinatown. Trapped in this foreign reproduction of her homeland, Wei Tang is forced to endure a grueling workday of gutting fish as well as the physical torment brought upon her by her husband. However, after years of enduring this life, Wei Tang has hatched a plan to escape. She begins to steal money from the fish market's register, careful only to take a bit at a time. She needs only enough to pay her passage back to China. However, the longer she must endure her husband's cruelty, the more impatient and careless she becomes. Will Wei Tang get away, or, like the crabs and fish she sells, are there just some traps from which we cannot break free?