The Smiley Face Killers (USA, 83 minutes )

Directed by: Andrew Fitzgerald

Written by: Andrew Fitzgerald

Cast: Andy Gilmore Supporting; Voice

Since 1998 The Smiley Face Killers gang has been responsible for the drowning deaths of over 80 young men across 11 states. They torture their victims using water boarding style techniques for days and in some cases months until they kill them. Then they dump the bodies in nearby rivers or lakes subsequently washing away any evidence and always leave their signature of a Smiley Face painted nearby.

In 2011, Andrew Fitzgerald who had followed the cases since he was in high school began working on a documentary that once completed would be the most comprehensive piece ever done on these killers. He was working in New York City at the time as a videographer/editor and with his equipment and skills was making the film in his spare time. Using social media to gather a fan base he was generating interest along the way by documenting the behind the scenes happenings so people could see first hand just what it took to make a film of this caliber.

On May 8th, 2013 Andrew had gone to upstate New York to gather additional footage when he disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. His best friend Andy, with the permission of his family took what Andrew had done with the film and finished it. Now Andrew’s story became a part of the documentary itself, which has eyewitness accounts, reenactments, interviews with family members and experts as well as footage that is believed to show Andrew’s captors and his murder.