The Push (United States, 1 hr 29 min 43 sec)

Directed by: Grant Korgan; Brian Niles

The Push expedition trekked across the final degree of latitude of our planet, roughly 85+ miles, in under -40+ degree temperatures, for nearly two straight weeks - all with Grant Korgan pushing solely with his arms in a custom sit ski, built for the most inhospitable place on earth. On January 17, 2012, Grant and his guides reached the bottom of our world on the 100th anniversary, to the day, of when Captain Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova expedition arrived at the earth's most remote spot, the geographic South Pole. Grant Korgan had it all, lost it in a tragic accident, and rose up to become the first spinal cord injured athlete to ski to the South Pole. Facing brutal elements, demanding topography, minus -40+ degree conditions, failing gear, hypothermia, frostbite, mental challenges and extreme exhaustion, the physical limitations were just the beginning of the challenges Grant and his team faced along THE PUSH journey.