The Pact (USA, 75 mins.)

Directed by: Matt Toronto

Written by: Aaron Toronto, Jordan Toronto, Matt Toronto


Aaron Toronto, Arlo Tobin, Janni Anderson, Jenn Losey, Jonathan Burns, Jordan Toronto, Kira Hawkins, Neil Brookshire, Nika Ericson, 

Two brothers, Grant and Ancel Fox, have just been dumped by the ladies in their lives. Despairing, they find solace in each other’s company and, in a drunken stupor, make a pact: No women for a year! Regretting his vow, Ancel soon embarks on a relentless pursuit to score with anyone in possession of two x chromosomes. Time and again he faces rejection. Grant, on the other hand, is bombarded by women of all shapes and sizes, each one finding his commitment to the pact downright irresistible. The brothers soon realize that the pact has an almost magical hold over them, punishing or rewarding them based on their dedication to it. Their lives continue on separate courses until one day a captivating woman named Charlie moves in downstairs. Finding himself under her spell, Grant renounces the pact and recklessly declares his love for her. Charlie, in turn, reveals her ardor for Ancel, instigating a fierce showdown between the brothers. As their relationship is put to the test, they find that the pact has little to do with women at all. The pact, an emblem of brotherly love, is really about loyalty… loyalty to each other.