The Overcoat (United Kingdom, 25:00)

Directed by: Justin Juice  Black

Cast: Jeremy Stockwell, David Lemberg, Simone Mcintyre, Chris Larner

The Overcoat is a short film set in Oxford, UK, directed by Justin Juice Black and adapted by David Lemberg from a short story by Ukrainian author Nikolai Gogol. The story follows the changing fortunes of a harried Office worker who purchases an expensive new overcoat from a mysterious tailor. As soon as he puts on the coat, his life seems to change for the better. His acquaintances treat him with more respect and even invite him to social events; he now begins to excel at his work. With this upturn in fortunes, he gains a new self-confidence. However, his improved quality of life only makes him increasingly aware of the indifference and inequality of the world around him. His superiors, from his manager at work to local politicians and police, tell him to leave well enough alone, but he is unable to turn a blind eye. One day, when there is nowhere else to turn, he attempts to take justice into his own hands — with disastrous consequences. However, even in the face of cruelty and violence, and at the ultimate personal cost, he is unable to give up without a fight. A darkly humorous sketch of a world in which no good deed goes unpunished, The Overcoat is sharply modern fable with universal appeal.