The Misunderstanding (United States | 2016, 3 min)

Directed by: Mike Castro

“The Misunderstanding” is a comedy sketch / fake movie trailer that highlights that moment in the romantic comedy where there’s a gigantic misunderstanding. And nothing else. Only that moment. It is easily the most misunderstood comedy of the century.


Journey's End is a production company run on indie filmmaking principals. We don't turn down challenges-- we come up with solutions to make them work. We currently are focused on finishing a series of short films, and will begin our first feature film in early 2018.

Interview by: Megan Boyle, Short Sketch Curator
Q: How did you come up with your sketch idea?

I was in my Sketch 101 class at UCB and we were given an assignment to write a genre movie parody sketch. I always was fascinated by how many romantic comedies relied on a gigantic misunderstanding as a plot point to end the second act of the film. So I decided to write a sketch that
focused solely on this trope.

Q: What dictated your choices in how you filmed your sketch?

The increasingly ridiculous misunderstandings were very important to sell believably. So I did my best to maintain a quick-paced sense of hyper reality where these ridiculous scenarios could make sense to the viewer. This was also used to keep each sequence as brief as possible in the trailer format (even though it was clearly more sketch than movie trailer).

Q: What hurdles did you face while making this sketch?

Josh (Jonathan) worked a late night at the bar the night before shooting. He ended up missing his train to Westchester and we were trying to figure out how to continue filming if he was unable to arrive in time. Luckily he found his way to the shoot at the last minute, and we were able to complete the full Westchester shoot. Also, the dialogue audio during the wedding scene was mostly unusable due to a comedy club that people were continuously exiting right outside the window (filmed near West 4th st in
Manhattan), so we had to ADR Jonathan's punchline before the title screen.

Q: There is truth in comedy, what sort of truths were you hoping to touch on with this sketch?

I wanted to highlight how many romantic comedy conflicts could easily be avoided by having the main characters engage in a single conversation.

Q: Do you have any plans for sequels or additional sketches surrounding these characters?

No, this was just a one-off sketch. Our production team is more focused on filming short films rather than comedy sketches-- so our plan is to continue making shorts with this cast and crew.