The Marvin Family Tortoise (United States, 12 min 45 sec)

Directed by: Paul Cadenhead

Conspiracy theorist Topher Marvin (Ronnie Clark) lives out his days with his pet tortoise Reginald in their isolated desert R-V, consumed by the suspicion that something or someone has long been chasing them. At open, a visit from a mysterious debt collector (Rich Clune) re-ignites Topher's slumbering fear that a mysterious alien race is after them --thus setting into motion a Marvin family contingency plan to safeguard Reginald at all cost.With nowhere to turn, Topher re-connects with estranged son, Sam Marvin (Trip Langley), recruiting him to take custody of Reginald. With time running out, Topher and Sam are forced to confront the evil forces in their family -- both real and imagined.THE MARVIN FAMILY TORTOISE is a fresh new short film adventure from the mind of director Paul Cadenhead, which weaves familial catharsis with black comedy as dry as the desert sands.