The Little Violonist (China / US , 0: 15 : 00)

Directed by: Yang Wang

Laowang is a trash-picker who lives in Chinatown New York. He has a 11 year old daughter Xiaobao, who goes to a public school in Queens. Laowang has been hiding a secret from Xiaobao for 11 years.Xiaobao has a talent for playing violin, but she gets bullied by her classmate Jenny for being a trash-picker's daughter. Right before an important violin performance, Xiaobao realized that Laowang seems to be hiding a secret from her.It's Xiaobao's turn to play the violin on stage. Xiaobao starts to play the violin with so much emotion in her. Her beautiful violin performance wowed everyone in the audience, especially Laowang. Finally, Laowang decides to reveal the truth that he has been hiding from her - He is not her birth father. Eleven years ago, he found her abandoned at a park and took her home, raised her as his own since.