The Lengths (USA , 108)

Directed by: Tim Driscoll

Written by: Joel Russo, Tim Driscoll

Cast: Corsica Wilson, Cory Driscoll, Joshua Mikel, Matt Watson

Tom struggles to move past his break up with Lily, holding onto an unfounded hope that she will one day come back to him. Charlie’s recent eviction and financial troubles land him with a busted up ‘78 Dodge van and a reason to get out of town. Out of the blue Tom receives a wedding invitation from Lily with a handwritten note - “Save me”. In the name of love Tom decides to rescue Lily from her own wedding and in the name of friendship Charlie convinces Tom to take him and his rusty-ass van across the country.

When the mysterious and free-spirited Hannah joins their party their motivations become muddled and lost leading these friends to confront the sources of their misery and decide to what lengths they’ll go to find happiness.